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Horse Greens - Body Rescue Juice
Organic Ingredients - Patented Process
Alfalfa Grass-Kamut/Wheat Grass-Barley Grass-Oat Grass
Beets & Greens - Body Boost Juice
Organic Ingredients - Patented Process
Organic Beet Juice blended with Horse Greens
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Turn any feed
into real food
mix with water
pour over feed

A fit horse is not a fat horse and a fat horse is not a healthy horse
Body Rescue is a reset button for stabled horses without
access to healthy nutritious grazing pasture
Add to any feed program - mix with water pour over feed ration
We created Beets&Greens for horses in training
Beet juice has been shown to improve NO or Nitric Oxide
Nitric Oxide is a process that occurs naturally in the body
Nitric Oxide may improve circulation and recovery
A Tale of Two Hearts
Speed of the Sire
Heart of the Dam
The X-Factor from the Beginning

Chapter 1: X Factor from the Beginning
Chapter 2: Memories of a Golden Era of Racing
Chapter 3: Pocahontas and the Three Sisters
Chapter 4: The Four Pillars of X Factor
Chapter 5: The Heart of the Triple Crown
Chapter 6: North American Steeplechase Heart
Chapter 7: Sporting  X Factor (Quarter Horses, Morgans & Standardbreds)
Chapter 8: Prominent Heart Scans in the Thoroughbred Industry
Chapter 9: X Before Y, Learning to Read X Factor
Chapter 10: Large Heart Broodmare Sires & Cheat Sheets

250 pages  full of new discoveries - X-Factor cheat sheets & heart charts.
From the desert sands of Arabia to the Blue Grass of Kentucky

K.C. Jakeman takes her readers on an intriguing and historical journey weaving the stories of people, places, and horses that have filled our headlines in the racing and the performance horse world.
Her perspective as an owner, breeder, and pedigree analysis takes a detailed look at X-Factor patterns relating to inherited heart size, and how the Darley Arabian and the Eclipse stallions have impacted our modern performance horse industry.

From the very first bag we sold - we have donated to Equine rescues all across our great Nation.
We know how fast Organic Horse Greens Body Rescue works to restore healthy body weight 
This rescue mare was a perfect example. 18 year old abandoned pony horse, missing teeth, [BSC1]
Picture to the Left is day 1 (September) Picture to the Right, day 120  - (January) in Pennsylvania
This wonderful & beautiful boy had chronic diarrhea
and leaky gut syndrome. His poor mom didn't know what to do because the vet treatments were not helping. Her Holistic vet decided to try our product to see if it would help.

1 tsp a day over wet food

25 days later - He's feeling great + no stinky stuff!
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Available on the Bloodhorse & Amazon Books
  • Alpha Boost Juice is a proprietary blend of human grade ingredients blended  for stabled horses. 

  • Organic Horse Greens and Beets & Greens contains FDA approved ingredients for human consumption.

  • Alpha Boost Juice does not treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any kind of disease commonly found in stabled horses or horses in training.

  • Alpha Boost Juice products are lab tested for purity and nutritional content.

  • Alpha Boost Juice is human grade. We do not market our product for human consumption, but we do test it on humans, specifically horsewomen over  the age of 50 refusing to decline in age or circumstances.

  • None of the statements made on this website have been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

  • The combination of ingredients have been successfully used on commercial bloodstock since 1999 as a feed additive or stomach soothe for GI/girthy, grumpy horses.
No sugar - safe for cushings
Natural sugar from Beets
This handsome lad was losing weight in spite of his owner spending $$$ to diagnose the problem. The mysterious & chronic weight loss became critical in October. His owner reached out to K.C. Jakeman hoping that Horse Greens could stop or reverse his weight loss.
Step one Body Rescue
Step two Body Boost
Direct from publisher: LooseHorseGraphics
20 bag min order - send an email for password to log in AlphaBoostJuice@gmail.com
2 bags $37.00
S&H $3.50
What are you
waiting for?
S&H $3.50
Step #1 Body Rescue - Step #2 Body Boost
Great for ANY feed program 
Body Rescue Score 1 [BSC1]
Body Rescue Score 6 [BSC6]
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