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This proprietary blend of Organic ingredients has been successfully used on commercial bloodstock since 1999.
We've used  the same manufacturer and the same blending facility since 2007.
We used to be a private label - not available to the public, that all changed in 2004 when a friend
begged me to put a label on it and offer it to other professional horsemen and women.

We contract our Organic ingredients every growing season.
Organic Beets from Germany - Egyptian Kamut R, Alpine Alfalfa, Canadian Barley, North American Oatgrass
The we test them using FDA Organic standards.
We take nothing for granted because we work with million dollar athletes & their powerful owners.

The whole food juice powders used in our blend are not pasteurized, thereby preserving delicate plant nutrients.
Each harvest is lab tested for purity and nutritional content using USDA Organic ingredients and USDA testing requirements.
The statements used on this website and by our customers have not been approved by the FDA.
The ingredients used in our proprietary blended product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.
Our product is backed by our dedication to our horses, and our promise to deliver professional results.
If you are not satisfied with our product - send us an email so we can track your order and refund your purchase.
(Void on large bulk orders. We ask that you try before you buy. Free samples are available.)

Please donate the unused portion to a humane society or equine rescue group near you.
Thank you, Sincerely  - K.C. Jakeman

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