Originally Alpha Boost Juice was created for horses at the track. "We kept bringing the fillies home, ulcers, weight loss, depression, joint issues etc. After 2 weeks grazing, they were back to looking great and feeling great." K.C. decided she needed to send lunch from home (organic green juice) to help simulate grazing fresh grass. "I noticed how much time Mr. Lukas spent having his nice horses hand grazed at the track. Then I noticed not all grass is created equal, or healthy. "That's when I began manufacturing Alpha Boost Juice Organic Horse Greens." There was nothing on the market that was an affordable organic supplement, so I began manufacturing my own." -We work with a human supplement manufacturer, blending all of our products here in the United States.

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Flashy had some developing age related issues. That didn't stop her Owner from 3 great show seasons, and 2 World Show clean ups!
Horse Greens has a powerful and unique effect on aging joints. It's hard to explain other than it works faster than injections - even though Horse Greens is NOT a pharmaceutical.
You have to see it to believe it.
Have you ever felt bad after a long drive or flying all day & eating junk food?
Why would we think they would feel any different?
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Breeding Stallions (Nitric Oxide helps bloodflow)
Natural Iron from Beets - Protein from Greens