Tough foaling season - Rotavirus etc..

I have had a most horrible foaling season this year. Four foals all with severe diarrhea starting on day two of their lives.We had been disinfecting stalls etc . 2 of the foals had to have IV fluids. We have been treating twice a day with Metronidazole, Naxcel, Biosponge, Probios etc. No results. Yesterday I thought the foal might die due to weakness and dehydration. I suddenly thought about my Beets and Greens.....only one package left! I mixed it and added a bit of Karo syrup just to increase the calories. Got the Foal to drink it out of a bowl after I gave him some by syringe. Incredibly and I kid you not, the foal was up and nursing within 2 hours, playing in four hours. DRY DRY DRY no more diarrhea. I have started all foals on it and today all are dry, nursing and bucking!! I spent thousands of dollars when I could have spent $26.50 on Beets & Greens.
Amazing body rescue - Organic Horse Greens works fast to restore body score of 2 or worse.

We donate to any equine or donkey rescue group. Send us an email to request  product in exchange for before and after pictures. We donate to any  Animal Rescue groups or any Sheriff department - thank you for your service to our communities.
Horses at the track benefit greatly from Organic Horse Greens especially if the track relies on public water. See what a difference our juice makes when added to any water bucket. Chlorine kills delicate gut bacteria. 1 spoonful of Greens softens the harsh public water - watch your horse guzzle their bucket of goodness.
Kimothy Vincent, second generation Trainer/Driver was approached by one of his owners to try a natural product that replaces grazing nutrients for stabled horses.  Alpha Boost Juice had been used to successfully improve body score on hard to keep horses in training, and horses who have fallen off their form.  Kim commented "He had resided himself to possibly losing the battle with this filly because they had tried everything on her with no improvement."  As a last resort, Kim started juicing the filly on an empty stomach to see if she would at least perk up and start eating again.  She not only perked up she picked up, she completely turned around after 5 days. "I was very surprised at how quickly the filly responded.  I have been doing this for 30 years, and come from a long line of Horsemen.  If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it. I credit this juice to saving my owner's horse.  What ever you call it, I call it amazing."

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